Round 1

Ready for another awesome AI challenge on

We're hosting a brand new heads-up pot-limit Omaha poker competition! This increasingly popular poker variant lends itself for some great AI coding. Warm up your programming skills again and get ready to code hard. Create the best poker bot you can and maybe you'll be taking one of the prizes home!

To the right is an overview of the prizes that were awarded for Heads up Omaha. The finals started February 1, 2015 and the top 24 players from the leaderboard progressed to the semi-finals. After that 8 bots were left and the finals decided who won which prize. Congratulations to all the winners!

1Shaftoe€ 1024
2Massacrator€ 512
3Quispel€ 256
4stlaw€ 128
6chezebot€ 32
7CheckCheckBurn€ 16
8MrMocoloco€ 8