Warlight AI Challenge

conquest map

Ever wished you could conquer the world with your development skills?

This is the Warlight AI Challenge! Formerly known as Conquest, we have now joined forces with the awesome Warlight online game. From now on, you cannot only play this Risk-like game yourself, but you can create a bot for it too! So upload your bot and fight for awesome prizes.

The Warlight AI Challenge finals are over! The competition is not closed however, and you can still battle the other Warlight bots, or maybe even try to beat these winners. Ofcourse, this is also good practice for the next Warlight AI Challenge!

1AdsRiskbot€ 1024
2GreenTea€ 512
3SupremeDalek€ 256
4Blender€ 128
5pedrito€ 64
6Gadzbot€ 32
7Muli€ 16
8Damian_Warlight€ 8