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We are hiring Hi guys, I'm the main programmer of this website and have been since the very start. But lately we've been growing a lot and we'd like to see that continuing. I'm very happy to see it growing so much...
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Don't know where else to post this... Made a tool to convert bot actions (Block Battle) into GIFs... https://i.imgur.com/vRiDP8h.gif
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The perfect randomness http://theaigames.com/competitions/ai-block-battle/games/55cbeaed35ec1d7506e9c1a3
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Real programmers The funnies to start off this forum
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Kinect Hackathon After the success and good fun of our last Scalatron, co-hosted by the developers of theaigames.com, we present you the next event of the Starapple Learning Initiative: Kinect Hackathon Click on the...
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StarApple Scalatron De Star Apple Scalatron is het eerste evenement binnen het Star Apple Learning Initiative en is gericht op programmeurs van alle leeftijden en competentieniveaus die een begin willen maken met funct...
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